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Community Development

The church is involved in a variety of community development initiative. This range from spreading awareness and prevention of the killer HIV/AIDS disease among our members, comforting those who loose their loves ones, comforting and caring for the sick in our midst to conducting outreach programs in the community. Our church also works in close collaboration with other Kenyans churches and communities within and around the Boston area.

The church has a strong strategic plan for the future with concrete objectives aimed at improving the lives of the people in its community.

We intend to open and run a childcare center where parents can drop their children and attend to work or personal business.

Most of our members lack adequate computer and other basic skills necessary to secure good employment. We aspire to run a skills training center where our members of our community can access these skills freely. We hope that training can be tailed to meet specific needs of people who are not educated or lack proper English skills.

SOUP KITCHEN "Home for the Needy"
There is a need to extend our philanthropy to an increasing number of destitute children as well as all our neighbors especially the homeless. We hope that we can secure funds in future to run this program.

We appreciate the fact that many of our members in the community have families. Children need ample space to play and interact with one another, and especially when they have no opportunities to see one another during the week because of busy work and school schedules.

St. Stephens Church Council encourages members to volunteer in various activities eg Sunday School, Praise & Worship, Bible reading, Cleaning etc.

Talk to any usher on Sunday about any activity you would like to do; we will be able to connect you to the head of the ministry you are interested in. Thank you!



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